Taxprep Refreshes Its Look in 2019

With the enhanced version of Taxprep, Wolters Kluwer is once again breaking the barriers when it comes to tax software efficiency!

Taxprep, Canada’s most advanced professional tax preparation software, refreshes its look for the 2018 taxation year! By using the enhanced version of Taxprep, you can access the same government forms, use the same data entry features and take advantage of the same time-saving tools, but with all the advantages of a highly modernized interface.

With this new fresh look, Taxprep offers many enhancements and new features that will help you increase your productivity by optimizing your workflow and making you save time:

A floating diagnostics pane for a less cluttered screen

With the diagnostics pane, identifying and correcting potential problem becomes child’s play. The enhanced version of Taxprep provides you with the ability to drag the diagnostics or the Xpress tool pane where you want on your screen or even move it to another monitor. This simple operation allows you to work freely with a less cluttered screen and increases your efficiency when preparing income tax returns.

Easier-to-find templates to save time

The Taxprep templates, such as the print and letter templates, are much used by preparers, as they allow them to save a lot of time. In more user-friendly interface, the enhanced version of Taxprep allows you to easily locate the templates that you want to use, as you can find them quickly by using key words, sorting column headers or selecting the filters that are made available to you.

Online Help to make it easier to search for information

The Help for the enhanced version of Taxprep is now available online! You have a question regarding the way the program works? Easily access the help topics, release notes, frequently asked questions and all other support documents via your Web browser to quickly get answers to your questions. The new help centre groups all of the information you need to efficiently use Taxprep and offers a very efficient key‑word search system that allows you to get relevant and up-to-date information.

Get a head start

Don’t wait for the 2018 tax season to have all these advantages. Complete the registration form before December 7 and start using this enhanced version of Personal Taxprep as early as December 2018!