CCH® Site Builder

An easy-to-use website solution with instantly accessible tax articles and content

With CCH Site Builder, you’ll be able to create a fully-functional website in less than an hour and maintain it with minimal effort.

Key Benefits

CCH Site Builder gives your clients online access to value-added services and content. It allows you to create a professional website that is packed with expert tax-related content, relationship-building tools and current news and updates.

Provide increased value for your clients

Gives your clients access to fresh, professionally written content, timely tax alerts, the latest government forms, financial calculators and more.

Enhance productivity

Clients can visit your website for quick and easy answers to basic tax and financial questions.

A professional online presence

CCH Site Builder is a complete turnkey solution that enables you to build a professional website for your practice in less than an hour

A site that's always fresh, with minimal effort

You receive continuous content updates, including a monthly newsletter with articles relating to current tax and accounting issues written by industry experts.

Cost savings

CCH Site Builder is a highly economical solution. Tailor it to fit your individual needs and pay only for the features you want.

Easy customization

Customize your website to your own specs, and augment CCH Site Builder information with your own content.

Features You Need To Extend Your Practice To The Web

E-Content Solutions

Plug-in Wolters Kluwer’s unique content such as monthly newsletters, tax alerts and financial calculators to your site.

Welcome Page

Welcome existing and prospective clients to your website with important information about your firm, along with a personalized greeting.

Firm Profile Page

Provide clients and visitors with background information about you and your firm, such as a brief history of your firm or a mission statement that expresses your client service philosophy.

Client Services Page

Attract current and prospective clients with a complete list of professional services available from your firm. Select from a pre-set text listing over forty types of services and related descriptions, or add your own custom services to the list.

Info Center Page

Provide valuable information and resources for visitors, including downloadable tax forms and publications.

Events Calendar

Add special firm events and other important dates to the Events Calendar, and purchase a number of e-Content add-ons for even more useful content.

Newsletter Page

Each month, a new collection of professionally written articles automatically appears on your Newsletter Page, giving visitors a reason to revisit your website.

Links Page

Give visitors to your website a wealth of interesting and useful links to other sites on the Internet. Simply select from default links or add your own favorite links.

Contact Information Page

Add detailed firm and staff contact information for multiple locations, including address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Add Your Own Custom Pages

Add custom pages to meet your firm needs, such as a Career Opportunities, or a Media Relations Page where you can upload information about your firm in the news.

Search Engine Optimization

CCH Site Builder provides you with all the tools you need to achieve the highest search engine ranking possible.


Choose the version that is right for you

CCH Site Builder has different versions that are sized and priced to fit different needs and budgets. No matter which you choose, you will have a professional, informative website.

Customer Testimonials

CCH Site Builder makes it easy to get your electronic business card up on the Internet in a very short period of time and for an extremely low investment.

Alan Salmon
Managing Director, Salmon & Associates

Our website is a marketing and stimulation tool — clients receive newsletters or may see something on the site. We want them to contact us, and that’s one way we grow our business.

Bill Keen, CA, CFP
Partner, Wormald Masse Keen Lopinski LLP

CCH Site Builder provides me with an easy way to keep my web site current and dynamic

Praveen Vohora, Chartered Accountant
Vohora & Company Chartered Accountants BC (CA)

A web site is only as good as its content and I know that with Wolters Kluwer I get the monthly newsletter for my clients and a wealth of other timely information and tools.

Rami Greenberg, Senior Partner
Greenberg Associates, Consultants and Certified General Accountants BC

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