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The application of GST/HST is broad and increasingly complex. It is an important consideration for any goods or services you or your clients supply or purchase, including online transactions. CCH IntelliConnect  gives you access to the best GST/HST content from leading industry experts. Wolters Kluwer’s content provides comprehensive knowledge you can use early on in the planning stages to avoid costly consequences at a later date. Turn to Wolters Kluwer’s GST/HST resources any time you require indispensable information and leading expertise.

Why choose CCH IntelliConnect for GST/HST information?

  • GST/HST Reporter for tax practitioners, that includes a monthly synopsis of hot topics in the GST/HST Monitor newsletter, checklists, transaction-based analysis and interactive rate charts
  • Wolters Kluwer’s Digital Library features market-leading titles such as A Practical Guide to the GST
  • A robust collection of commodity tax materials – federal and provincial – including Window on GST/HST, which provides analysis on GST/HST Headquarters Letters.
  • Full coverage of GST/HST issues by contributors such as Brent F. Murray of PwC Law, and Jacques Roberge, B.Comm. and Peter Tomlinson, LL.B.  of Wolters Kluwer

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