CCH iFirm Tax T2

Advance optimizations for better

Even if new on the market, CCH iFirm Tax has the best calculations and diagnostics for corporate tax preparation.  That’s because it uses the same one as Taxprep software, built and enhanced over many years.

CCH iFirm Tax Canadian corporate tax software also provides the most sophisticated T2 optimizations available.


Extensive edit checks and diagnostics to reduce errors

With CCH iFirm Tax Canadian income tax software, you will improve your accuracy when doing corporate tax preparation. It’s easy to identify problems such as missing data or identify advantageous optimizations for your clients. The Diagnostic Mode lets you easily resolve or see unresolved diagnostics. This mode also allows you to identify who addressed each unresolved diagnostic and when.


A Return Manager that streamlines processes

CCH iFirm Tax Return Manager helps you manage and visualize the entire tax return preparation workflow. The Return Manager allows you to do batch operation, such as printing, publishing to portal and EFILING.


CCH iFirm Tax Review Tool speeds up data entry

The review tool not only speeds up data entry, it also makes it easier to review for omissions and errors by allowing side-by-side comparisons of data from current and prior years.


Easy switching from other programs

CCH iFirm Tax Canadian tax software makes it easy to switch from other programs such as Profile and TaxCycle with automatic T2 data conversions.


Secure integrated electronic communication portal with your clients

CCH iFirm Portal lets you improve workflow efficiently, saving paper and avoiding time consuming information exchange. CCH iFirm Tax is fully integrated with CCH iFirm Portal, so you are only two clicks away to publish tax documents to your client’s portal.


CCH iFirm Tax is part of the CCH iFirm Suite

Being part of a complete ecosystem, you benefit from integrations between several modules such as Contacts, Portal, Jobs & Billing, etc.


Industry-leading support, service and training

With CCH iFirm Tax Canadian corporate tax software, you receive Wolters Kluwer’s best-in-class tax and technical support and service. You also have access to industry-leading training delivered by phone, Webinars, in-class sessions and conferences.


Multiple years, multiple products, all at the same place

With CCH iFirm Tax, all products and years are accessible from a single application.


Always up-to-date, accessible anywhere, anytime.

CCH iFirm Tax is a professional cloud-based tax preparation product. Advantages of a cloud-based product are multiple, such as automatic updates done (reducing the time and cost related to installation), accessible from anywhere and secured with a bank-level encryption.


It’s easy to EFILE

CCH iFirm Tax allows you to seamlessly EFILE federal and provincial returns and allows you to view details of these transmissions.


GIFI data transfers mean fewer repetitive results

CCH iFirm Tax allows you to import GIFI items from accounting and working paper programs. More than 750 different items from the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) are transferred into 25 different forms, saving time and minimizing data entry errors. Speed up review and selection of GIFI codes by giving you side-by-side views of prior and current year amounts.

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