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The first cloud-based professional tax preparation software

NEW! Includes a full suite with T1, T2, T3 and Forms

Introducing CCH iFirm Tax - An industry first!

CCH iFirm Tax is the first cloud-based online tax software for Canadians, powered by Taxprep.

Designed for professionals, CCH iFirm Tax is part of the CCH iFirm ecosystem that is built around a centralized client database. It is Canadian tax software that is always up-to-date and gives your firm all the benefits of securely working online from anywhere — with the speed of a desktop.

Why Choose CCH iFirm Tax?

Canada’s 1st Cloud-based Professional Tax Software

Work from anywhere – Faster

CCH iFirm Tax is the first cloud-based professional tax prepararing software for Canadian Professional Tax Preparers.  CCH iFirm Tax is supported on a platform that allows you to do your tax preparation online. You work at the speed of a desktop with the power of the cloud.

Zero install, always up-to-date & always backed up – complete peace of mind

The CCH iFirm Tax platform is cloud-based, which means no software installation is required. Automatic updates happen in real-time and provide you with the peace-of-mind knowing your data is secure and always backed up with 100% Canadian hosting.  This results in a significantly lower cost of ownership for your firm!

Modern User Experience

Easy to learn and use – No learning curve!

CCH iFirm Tax allows you to do tax online and prepare faster returns with a user friendly modern interface, lightning fast form loading and provides real-time calculations for your client’s refund or balance owing.  CCH iFirm Tax Canadian tax software has an intuitive interface allows you to start preparing online tax returns with no up-front training.

Fastest eFile system in Canada – Increase workflow efficiency – Do more in less time!

CCH iFirm Tax has the Highest e-file acceptance rate than any other tax software in Canada. Your full EFILING history for any return is also just one click away from the main list of tax returns.  CCH iFirm Tax is the only tax preparing software product that lets you see a real-time preview of the returns about to be e-filed to the CRA – letting you know exactly what you are transmitting on behalf of your clients.

Accuracy & No Risk

Powered by Taxprep – Canada’s best and most trusted tax software – Industry leading accuracy

CCH iFirm Tax is powered by Taxprep, the leading Canadian professional tax preparing software used by all 30 of the top 30 Canadian accounting firms.  You can trust that the calculations in CCH iFirm Tax are always accurate and up-to-date from day one!

Most accurate/most comprehensive diagnostics – Maximize returns and minimize risk

Minimize risk exposure for your most important clients. With over 9,000 diagnostics, CCH iFirm Tax has the best and most comprehensive review system of any tax products.  Diagnostic messages will appear in real-time to alert you to any errors, omissions or optimization opportunities.

Additional Features

CCH iFirm Client Portal – Secure client communication

CCH iFirm Client Portal allows you to securely communicate with clients, save time on file assembly and eliminate shipping costs while securely communicating with your clientsYou can send documents (e.g. tax returns) to clients with only two clicks.

CCH iFirm ecosystem – Enhanced, faster workflow

CCH iFirm Tax is an application that is part of the CCH iFirm ecosystem that is built around a centralized cloud-based client database.  This provides you with unmatched visibility on all the Work-in-Progress for your client saving time, eliminating duplicate data entry, maximizing billing and reducing errors.

CRA Autofill My Return – Reduce data entry and increase accuracy

CCH iFirm Tax allows you to save time and avoid penalties and interest.  Never miss a slip from your client, by retrieving the tax data from the CRA and automatically populating your T1 returns with the integration of CRA Auto-fill my return.


Saves Time

An “always up-to-date” tax preparation software accessible everywhere with the speed of a desktop

Immediate form display and real-time tax calculations – As fast as a desktop, with no installation or updates required.

Accessible everywhere – Online tax software eliminates the need to set up remote access to your client files.

Prepare returns faster using built-in sophisticated optimizations, such as capital loss carry-forward and pension income-splitting.

Secure & User Friendly

Easily carries forward from other software — taking the pain out of switching

The industry’s most intuitive and streamlined user interface, in your Web browser

Modern commenting and review tools allow for efficient collaboration.

Free comprehensive email and phone supportself-serve training videos and live Webinars to hit the ground running.

Minimize CRA audits with best in-class diagnostics and built in audit review.

Simple letter editor to build your own templates. (Coming Soon)

Increase your Profitability

CCH iFirm’s unique centralized client database is part of your Tax program, enabling insightful client service

Only update your client’s address once – your tax returns and contact list sync automatically, saving time and preventing errors.

Easily and securely communicate, share and store client files with CCH iFirm Portal.

Set your own workflow steps for T1 and T2 returns, and more. (Coming Soon)

Populate T1 returns automatically with the most sophisticated CRA Auto-fill my Return import feature available.

CCH iFirm Tax Product Line Up

Use iFirm Tax tax for preparation and review. It's online tax software that has unique features that help you manage return preparation status and workflow, with the benefits of the cloud.
This tax preparing software has the most comprehensive collection of corporate tax forms available, as well as tools designed to address complex T2 preparation requirements.
Developed in association with Canada’s major trust companies. It simplifies the preparation of trust returns.
Access to a comprehensive library of electronic forms.

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