CCH iFirm Documents

CCH iFirm Documents

With the CCH iFirm Documents application, you can reduce your use of paper and save time by storing client documents in the cloud.

CCH iFirm has a centralized client database that allows you to see, at a glance, all documents pertaining to any client including online invoices.

Increased Workflow Efficiency

Save your client files permanently at the contact level or save them directly in specific jobs within CCH iFirm. Spend more time billing and serving clients and less time managing your practice.

Always Backed Up

Now you can experience the peace-of-mind knowing your data is securely stored in CCH iFirm and always backed up with 100% Canadian hosting.  This results in a significantly lower cost of ownership for your firm!

Key Features

  • Documents can be saved within the contact or within a specific job*
  • File Search Capability
  • Ability to enable File Versions
  • User permissions (Read, Write, Edit, Delete, Recycle etc.)
  • Encryption
  • Ability to open files directly in native applications

*requires the jobs and billing application

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