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CCH iFirm

Better manage your practice and boost your efficiency with the CCH iFirm ecosystem

CCH iFirm is an award-winning practice management software ecosystem built around a centralized client database that helps accounting professionals serve their clients and manage their practice.

CCH iFirm is cloud-based software that equips accounting practitioners with the tools they need to integrate, monitor and streamline all the key facets of their business. It is a collection of online applications that combine the power of integration, automation and collaboration to create new opportunities for streamlined workflow (including tax compliance workflow), as well as for the implementation of more effective invoicing programs and better capacity planning without increased costs. 


CCH iFirm

There are five applications available with CCH iFirm:


Run my practice


Practice Manager

Jobs & Billing – This practice management system lets you increase your efficiency and streamline your workflow with super-fast job allocation. And you can send off online invoices quickly, when it’s time to bill.
Capacity Planning – Set clear expectations, remove capacity bottlenecks and know what staff resources are required every month of the year.
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Take documents into the cloud for easy one click access. You can seamlessly integrate with your contact database.
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Take all your intellectual property and deposit it in one central, secure location.
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Serve my clients



Canada’s first cloud-based accounting application for professional tax preparation.

T1/TP1 – Maximize accuracy and fully optimize T1 and TP1 returns
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T2 – A robust, intelligent and comprehensive platform that streamlines T2 preparation
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Client Portal

Streamline your client communication by securely sharing your documents online – and enhance the efficiency of your day to day dealings.
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CCH iFirm: an award-winning automated practice management solution

tailored for accountants

Tailored for Accountants

CCH iFirm is all about accountants – so our online accounting software is customized from the ground up for you

changing is easy icon

Changing is Easy

No matter what systems are currently used in your practice, converting to CCH iFirm is a seamless experience

Better Business Icon

Do Better Business

Its superior technology and continuous innovation mean a better bottom line for you

Serve Clients

Superior Client Service

CCH iFirm's software suite enables you to deliver unprecedented client support

numbers on the move icon

Numbers on the Move

It is cloud-based, so you can work anywhere, anytime

Future Proof Tech Icon

Future-Proofed Tech

Whatever change or growth your practice is exposed to, the CCH iFirm goes with you.

close connectivity icon

Close Connectivity

Connection is a CCH iFirm keyword – so we build software that keep stakeholders truly in touch.

expertise on call

Expertise on Call

Wolters Kluwer has been in the business of accounting for over 65 year - and we’re at your service with expert knowledge within class leading cloud software.

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