Product Demonstrations

300×200 Complimentary Product Demonstrations

Experience IntelliConnect

Join me for a brief 30 minute look at our new innovative platform IntelliConnect!!

IntelliConnect is an online research platform that will give you access to Tax Research Content such as; the Income Tax Act, Preparing Your Income Tax Returns commentary, CRA publications and more!

300×200 Complimentary Product Demonstrations

CCH iFirm – Increase your efficiency

CCH iFirm is your connected online solution that will help you run a better business and keep your staff and clients connected and happy.

Stay on top and in control of your jobs. With iFirm let us show you how you will never miss a deadline and how you can streamline your workflow . See how this solution can remove the pressure of keeping track of all these dates for all your clients.

300×200 Complimentary Product Demonstrations

CCH iFirm - Tax Compliance

Tax and accounting practitioners can now choose between two of CCH iFirm’s tax applications – CCH iFirm Cantax or CCH iFirm Taxprep.

300×200 Complimentary Product Demonstrations

CCH iFirm Documents

With the CCH iFirm Documents solution, you can reduce your use of paper and save time by storing client documents in the cloud. CCH iFirm has a centralized client database that allows you to see, at a glance, all documents pertaining to any client including online invoices.

Save your client files permanently at the contact level or save them directly in specific jobs within CCH iFirm. Spend more time billing and serving clients and less time managing your practice!

Join us in this webinar or call us to set up a private presentation customized to your current situation.

We’re confident that this tool will bring your firm to the next level.

300×200 Complimentary Product Demonstrations

Taxprep Software Demonstration – Looking to make the switch?

Streamline your tax preparation process. Improve your accuracy. Strengthen your client relationships.

Let’s walk thru a 45 minute webinar showing you how to:
– Increase Your Productivity
– Effectively Mitigate Risk
– Attract, Develop and Retain your staff

300×200 Complimentary Product Demonstrations

Taxprep Dashboard – Keep your T1 Season on Track

This webinar will show you how the new Taxprep Dashboard can help put out fires before they start during your T1 season using real-time analytics.