Tax preparation and practice management solutions.

Boost your efficiency and provide value added service to clients.

No matter what your role or challenges, Wolters Kluwer has tax preparation, tax research and practice management solutions that will streamline and connect functions across your practice, and enable you to expand your client services. All of our solutions come with best-in-class technical support, service and training.

CCH iFirm ecosystem

We understand how important it is for you to stay in control of your practice and serve your clients.


The award winning CCH iFirm ecosystem is cloud-based and built around a centralized client database, which equips accounting practices with the tools they need to integrate all the key facets of their business.

Run my practice

  • CCH iFirm Practice Manager:  Job allocation and intelligent reporting provide real-time transparency and accountability throughout your practice.
  • CCH iFirm Documents: Reduce your use of paper and save time by taking client documents into the cloud
  • CCH iFirm Intranet: Comprehensive and consistent internal communications and knowledge sharing

Serve my clients

  • CCH iFirm Tax: Canada’s first cloud-based professional tax preparation software, powered by Taxprep.
  • CCH iFirm Portal: There’s never been a more secure way to communicate with clients.

Experience the peace of mind that real time insights provide with CCH iFirm.

PM Laptop
Taxprep Desptop

Taxprep. The most advanced professional tax preparation software available.

We know how critical it is for you to have your tax season run smoothly in order to maximize your profitability. That’s why we developed Taxprep, Canada’s most advanced line of professional tax preparation software, relied on by every single one of the top accounting firms in Canada, as well as thousands of local firms, small practitioners, and corporations. Taxprep is comprised of four key products; Personal Taxprep (T1/TP1 returns), Corporate Taxprep (T2 returns), Taxprep for Trusts (T3 returns), and Taxprep Forms. These products can be combined in TaxOffice Suites, and prior years are conveniently available in Taxprep Archives.

  • Prepare returns faster using Taxprep’s built-in sophisticated optimizations
  • Minimize CRA audits with Taxprep’s best-in-class diagnostics and built-in audit review
  • Do more returns in less time with Taxprep’s industry-leading diagnostics engine
  • Easily manage return preparation status and workflow
  • Save time during tax season with industry-leading live tax expertise and technical support

Our tax preparation software also integrates with other Wolters Kluwer products to help you build a paperless workflow and better communicate with clients.