Simplify Complex Filing

Wolters Kluwer offers advanced, industry-leading, tax preparer software solutions  that simplify and optimize the preparation of trust returns.


Optimize your trust returns process with Taxprep for Trusts, developed in association with Canada’s major trust companies.

  • Experience easier filing with built in features that make it simpler to navigate the complex T3 filing process
  • Get help form an “Assistant” that lets you group data entry into 8 easy steps
  • Get instant access to vital tax research information

CCH iFirm

Provide faster service to your clients and keep on top of the status of jobs with CCH iFirm. An integrated, automated solution that allows tax professionals like you to deliver unprecedented client support.

  • With CCH iFirm, everything you need to manage your practice is right at your fingertips
  • Provide faster service for clients by viewing the status of all jobs in a glance including detailed WIP tracking
  • Deliver jobs within deadlines, provide accurate and timely communication and proactively identify value-added opportunities for clients
  • CCH iFirm’s Documents module enables you to access all your client files wherever you are, simply by clicking their contact record
  • CCH iFirm’s Jobs & Billing module lets you plan workload capacity with finely tuned efficiency so you can serve your clients better
  • Never lose a client file with secure client file transfer and communication via CCH iFirm Portal