Grow Your Practice

Wolters Kluwer offers advanced, business accounting solutions 


Expand your practice and enhance your reputation for tax expertise with Taxprep, the most advanced professional tax preparation software. Taxprep is an industry-leading software solution that will grow with you, with features that will ensure your practice is always performing at the peak of efficiency.

  • Access to an advanced solutions that grow with your practice, including document management, scanning and industry leading tax research
  • Enhance word of mouth by providing your clients with best-in-class tax expertise through integration with Taxprep and Wolters Kluwer’s online research
  • Analyze your client list and identify opportunities for you to grow your practice by offering more services to your clients.
  • Save time and improve workflow efficiency to reduce costs and free up time for value-added client work.

CCH iFirm

The award winning CCH iFirm ecosystem is cloud-based and built around a centralized client database, which equips accounting practices with the tools they need to integrate all the key facets of their business

  • CCH iFirm is cloud-based so you can work anywhere, anytime
  • It enhances your workflow, lets you work more efficiently and frees up time for you to spend growing your business
  • You can manage an increased client load even better with more efficient job allocation
  • Reduce bottlenecks with the Capacity Planning feature
  • CCH iFirm is a solution that grows with you – and continuous software improvements and automatic updates mean you’re always current
  • Get paid faster with client alerts for invoices due, track overdue payments and process in bulk to improve your profitability.
  • Reduce your write offs with detailed job tracking, visibility on overdue receivables and shortened billing cycle.
  • Spend more time billing and serving clients and less time managing your practice
  • Increase your productivity with seamless tax preparation integration via Taxprep