The Power of Workflow

 In Wolters Kluwer

What is workflow? Simply put, it’s a defined sequence of tasks that are planned and repeatable. It’s the transformation of resources (data, knowledge, etc.) into services. It requires the right tools and integration of multiple applications. Workflow management organizes the setup, performance, and tracking of your workflow. In the past, this primarily occurred on a paper routing sheet or an Excel spreadsheet. However, a major problem with paper routing sheets and spreadsheets is they create another record or database requiring reconciliation with due date monitoring, time and billing.

In the 1960’s psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” In 2006, Gary Boomer, Visionary & Strategist of Boomer Consulting, Inc. applied Maslow’s idea to CPAs and spreadsheets, writing, “Many firms suffer from spreadsheet disease. It’s like a carpenter who only has a hammer – everything looks like a nail!” More than a decade after Boomer made that observation, many firms are still relying on spreadsheets to manage workflows, scheduling, budgets, and more. Those firms are the laggards. They are already falling behind.

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