Finishing Tax Season Early: Best Practices for Success

 In Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer, Research Analyst, Cameron Mancell had the opportunity to chat with Dino Micacchi, Principal and co-founder of MW&Co. In the tax game since 1980 and building his public practice “from ground zero” since 1989, Dino was far from short of knowledge and experience to share. When it comes to tax services, the frim completes around 2,000 returns annually, 2/3 of which are becoming increasingly concentrated around the three weeks leading up to the April 30th deadline. Regardless, his firm has always finished tax season early, so Dino is well-known for spending a few days each April on the golf course.

Dino is confident that these impressive results are a product of continuous improvement of the firm’s business processes. There is no silver bullet solution to finishing before April 30. Rather, MW&Co’s year-after-year tax season successes are attributed to many small changes that aggregate into a refined operation. Although he may have kept a few proprietary secrets to himself, Dino was kind enough to share some of examples of practice improvements that can help you finish tax season early.

Download the Accountants Handbook to learn more about how you can finish tax season early.

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