CCB Amount Increased, CCB and GST/HST Credit Payments Extended

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On May 15, 2020, it was announced that Canadians who are presently receiving the GST/HST credit and/or Canada Child Benefit (CCB) payments will continue to receive these payments until the end of September 2020—a three month extension. Therefore, benefit payments starting in July 2020 and those scheduled for August and September will not be interrupted if an individual takes advantage of the extended filing deadline of June 1, 2020. If the 2019 tax return is not assessed, and to allow time to calculate benefits and/or credits for the July to September 2020 payments, payment amounts will be based on information from 2018 tax returns.

If an individual receives an estimated benefit and/or credit payment based on the 2018 tax return, they are still required to file a return for 2019. If the CRA is unable to assess the 2019 return by early September 2020, the estimated benefits and/or credits will stop in October 2020 and the individual must repay the estimated amounts that were paid beginning in July 2020. The CRA encourages Canadians to file their tax returns by June 1, 2020 or as soon as possible in order to receive the right amount of benefits based on their 2019 tax return, and in order to ensure continuity of benefits beyond September 2020.

Further, on May 16, 2020, the federal government announced that the CCB will increase again, beginning in July 2020. For the 2020-21 benefit year, the maximum benefit increase to $6,765 per child under age 6, and $5,708 per child aged 6 through 17. This increase is in addition to the one-time $300 per child special payment that was made to parents for the month of May.

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